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Supporting Djurgården

InläggPostat: 05 okt 2015, 02:20
av Mattfrånengland
Hey everyone!

I am pretty new to Sweden having moved here from London (England) earlier this year, and having moved to Stockholm in July, I have been to a few games around Stockholm area before a friend took me to see a few games at Djurgården, I had a really good time and it felt much more like the things that I am used to from England,

I am looking to get a season-card next year and really excited about this, And I look forward to supporting the team home and away next season

This is a bit of a step up from the team I supported in terms of size I feel and I would really love to learn more about this club, How do you guys do for numbers in Away games? I'm pretty sure its better then that i'm used to in England, pretty impressed with the atmosfear in Swedish football so far, even if the quality isn't the exact same as the Premier League and that for me makes up for it!

I also look forward to getting to know some of you guys and get propley cracking with Swedish football next year!